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Dear yet to be millionaire,

Do you always fill stuck working in your 8 – 5 job that has become so unpredictable due to the Corona Virus pandemic and maybe your salary has been slashed, or you were one of the unlucky Access bank workers who was laid off?

Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself and your family due to your demanding job nature?

Probably you are one of the recent graduates who see the terrible economy and want a way to start making money online without hawking your CV from company to company. (some graduates still thinks when they get out of school a job is waiting for them)

Are you looking for a predictable side hustle that can cough out an extra 200k – 500k every month without having to do almost nothing?

Or are you just looking for a unique system that can add to your current source of income (because we all know having a single source of income is the quickest way to go broke Corona pandemic taught us that)?

Whatever your reason is, if you answered yes to any of this question above, trust me, this will be the most life-changing article you are going to read this year.

So I suggest you remove all distractions and read to the end!

Before I tell you how this unique system works, let me tell you a story about myself and how I came up with this stupidly simple weird way of making money.

My Journey Before My Ultimate Discovery

My name is Bliss Oharisi; and I didn’t start making the kind of money I make right from birth because a lot of persons have the misconception that every rich person was born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

But that wasn’t my case; I was born and raised in a very poor setting.

Honestly, I wish I didn’t have to admit this fact about me, but it is what it is and I’m grateful this is not the case anymore.

As early I could remember in my primary school days, my parents, my two siblings and I were all living together in a one-room Face-Me-I-Face-You apartment in Warri.

And because of our poverty status, I had to trek a long distance to school every morning and most times without having money for lunch.

I always got so sad every time I saw my classmates and friends flaunting their beautiful school bags, sparkling Kito Sandals (if you don’t know what kito sandals are, you’re not my mate…lol) new textbooks and their clean school uniforms.

Simply because their parents were working in some nice places and my parents couldn’t afford to get those things for my siblings and me. All I could settle for was a polyethene or cheap sack bag and old textbooks from senior cousins who had finished that particular class and passed it on to my elder sister and she passes it down to me like it was an inheritance.

I was so pained and frustrated at a young age, so I started thinking of ways to make money to buy my school bag while I was still in primary school.

So I took the bold step to break palm Kernel nuts for months when it was up to a half-sack, I took it to an old woman who traded this stuff in the market to sell for me and that’s how I raised money to buy my school bag.

To be honest with you, it was a record-breaking experience for me 💃🕺 💃🕺

I had the same excitement with those who won an award because It lit up glimpses of hope of a brighter future.

The Struggle Continued

I finished my secondary school in 2007 without making two of my major papers. Because of the financial situation at the time, my parents couldn’t pay the rent for the apartment we were living, which resulted in a quit notice, and we were evacuated

The only option we had was to move into an uncompleted building (I lie not). It was one of the worst experiences I ever had.

I could remember how our house was overtaken with a flood during one of the raining seasons; we lost many of our things since our properties were soaked.   

things started taking off

God so kind, my parents started a Small-Scale Plantain Chips production business, every one of us poured our heart and soul into this business. Money started flowing in gradually.

It seemed like we could breathe in some fresh air of success since we saw some remarkable results. As money came in, we were able to transform that small uncompleted building apartment into a finished living home, at least (based on negotiation with the landlord).

Though we were able to feed on three square meals per day, yet I was tired of the hard life and the way we were generally leaving.

We still owe lots of debts; we didn’t have home appliances like T.V., Cable, computer, good chairs and a bed and lots more.

So I was determined to take my family out of the mess we’re in, imagine someone talking to your parents without respect because of debt.

Stuff like that can make a grown man cry.

to change that, i had to do something

In 2010 one of my new friends in church introduced me to a business newspaper called Success Digest. It was a (biweekly) business publications that teach, showcases and advertises various online and offline business opportunities.

It was exciting seeing many money-making opportunities (I developed a love for computers and the internet since 2003). So I started learning from Success Digest business paper.

The truth is this; I was determined to make money online quickly. So I paid for some e-courses and e-books exploring the internet for the fastest ways to make money online.

I started blogging; it didn’t pay off, I moved on to affiliate marketing it didn’t work, moved to surveys that didn’t work either (they didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they don’t work)

It seems none of these businesses was working for me, putting in resources and our rent was overdue.

There was even a time I used the Google AdSense program and I started clicking ads on my website by myself and I made about $850 (This was not the right thing to do, but don’t blame me we were so broke and in lots of debts) mehn I was so happy.

Just before Google wanted to send me my cheque, they ran a check on my account and noticed I was the one clicking the ads repeatedly, the cheque was withheld, and my account was restricted from the program.

This was another heartbreak for me knowing full well that all my hopes were dashed out after clicking my ads thousands of times and yet no payment (I have already spent lots of money going to the cybercafé every day for more than two months).

Well, that is that. I had to put that behind me and started afresh, but this time something different.

The Prodigal son

One fateful day, I saw an investment opportunity program called HYIP (high yield investment program).

It was an online investment program that allows you to put in money and within a few days, or weeks you get a percentage return on your investment (ROI) depending on which company you chose (just like MMM).

It was like I just discovered a gold mine, I told myself!

I went to my parents told them about this miracle money-making opportunity I have found! We told ourselves, once we make our first set of cash-outs, we will get all our friends, family and even church members to join.

But this time, we will give them only a few percentages of profit since we are the founders of this money-making opportunity.

In fact, we will not show them the company so we can keep reaping off our discovery over and over again. Within a short time, we will be extremely rich.

I did my research and found a company that pays 30% weekly on any amount you invest.

Quickly, we gathered all our resources together, including some of our business capital and house rent we have been able to raise and invested it.

I was so excited and waiting for the day of payout because I was so eager to cash out so we can thank Jehovah, like Burna Boy…

On checking my account, I got the biggest shock of my life; my account was reading $0.00, there was nothing there! I thought it was a fluke, maybe my network or browser was misbehaving, so I reloaded my browser and got the same results.  

I hurried to the cyber café and quickly logged into the website; it was showing the same thing. So I researched Google about the company and I saw that this company’s website was listed among scam sites.

It was then the reality of life hit me that I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!

All our hard-earned money was gone! I was so mad at myself for getting myself involved in such a mess.

I lost all our money… The thoughts of how I wan take solve this matter now made me sweat so severely.

How do I tell my parents about what just happened?

How do I get back my money?

Quit notice has been giving to us and I don lose the one we gather?

So many things playing in my head at the same time, my head felt like an amusement park with a lot of children jumping on the bouncing castle.

To go house no just hungry me at that time, I felt like a 13-year-old who took 13th out of 17th in class; it’s like you should just run away and never come back.

These thoughts flooded my mind; I summon the courage to tell my parents what has happened at least we didn’t get anyone else involved, so this will be less painful than crowd beating.  

When I told them, they felt so bad and immediately my mum broke into tears.

It was so bad; I was like the prodigal son in the home who had wasted his father’s money. I was strictly warned to refrain from any form of online business and think of going back to school to get a regular job like a responsible person.

I felt worthless. My Ego was gone; I couldn’t talk much again because it was like I have lost my power as a growing young man.

My intention was just to make enough money to complete the rent of the house and I was treated so harshly, but at least I was the only one willing to try something.

Well, I don’t blame them now sha, because losing all the money you have to one stupid GET MONEY QUICK SCHEME is painful.

That period was very hard for me, but I still didn’t give up; instead, It motivated me to try harder. This new development pushed us to work hard.

My elder sister and I had to hawk plantain chips at the express for travelers to keep the business alive and income flowing.   

I had to learn what made the rich tick

I made up my mind I was going to learn the secrets of all of those Gurus who were genuinely making money online.

On a fateful day, I got a hold on an eBook (the title and the American author I can’t remember). Still, I remembered this principle, which was the secret that unlocked my money-making ability) and that was the turning point for me.

I learned the most important secret when it comes to making money (which I believe is the bedrock of making money). In fact, this secret rocked my world!

Here is one lesson you should take home – no success comes at a platter; you need to push and keep pushing until you see the desired results.

Here is the Ultimate Secret.

“If You Want To Make Money, Look For A Product Or Service That Can Solve A Problem And Add Value, Then Sell It”

Otedola sells oil??

Dangote sells salt??

Mike Adenuga sells recharge card??

I realized I didn’t have any product or service I was offering for sale, which is why I struggled to make money.

Right from that instant, I started looking out for problems I could solve and charge money in return.

This has become the bedrock of my money-making philosophy since then.

It didn’t take long before I started selling an e-training solving some computer user’s problem then, money started coming in for the period that problem was there till that opportunity faded out.

I was able to raise some money to re-enroll in a private examination center and I also took extra moral lessons for my exams.

I took NECO GCE, let’s just say I nor see the result, the result was too bad.

I was advised to attend a newly approved WAEC government school examination center (this was in 2010). I enrolled for WAEC and NECO; after putting on uniform going to that village school still, I had just one credit from WAEC, then let’s just forget NECO.

I was told to push harder still. Years’ later in 2013 I took another examination and it paid off. I then gained admission into P.T. I (Petroleum training institute).

Just about two months into school, I found a post on about mini-importation which I ventured into, I made some money. That business folded up (I am not saying importation business is bad, I just mean that the business model I was using didn’t work out for me because e-commerce business in Nigeria was still very young at the time).

So I went into writing content for clients in the U.S. and I made a couple of hundred dollars which I was able to survive with, but it wasn’t still enough because it took me a lot of time to research, write great content and my use of English was poor.

I was working so hard and earning so little.

So writing was out of the way because making money is useless if you don’t have the time to spend it, right?

The battle isn’t really to make more money, but to make enough money to fund your lifestyle.

my breakthrough

One fateful day I said to myself, what other services can I sell or offer that will earn me a lot of money from a single client?

I did my research and Noticed Web designing was a big shot, so I went into my cave and learned the skill on how to build Websites for clients.

Once I had a good amount of knowledge, I immediately made a switch and started doing Web design.

The first month I started offering my Web design services. I started getting clients contacting me. I got my first job in the same month and i was paid a whopping $1800 (it was about N300k as of 2015 due to the exchange rates back then, but now we get over N700k for the same kind of job).

It was mind-blowing and incredible; I was so filled with excitement and knew right then and there that I just hit a gold mine.

Immediately I got paid after delivering the job, I paid off some of my parent’s debts and since then, I haven’t looked back and today, we are debt-free.

(I have been able to rent a beautiful apartment for my parents and of course, I rented one for myself too).

I have been able to make consistent income, charging from $350 to $3000 for a single job. Some jobs would take me between 5hours 14days.  

I then learned the secrets to finding high paying clients and billing them 4x what others are charging on the same platform where I get my clients from (I will show you the same platform where you can set up your account for FREE and get high paying clients contact you).

The beautiful part is that customers are from U.S. and Europe, so I’m paid in Dollars.

An interesting part is this; I don’t need to advertise anything; all I need do is front my skill and they come begging to pay me.

All I needed to do is set up my profile professionally and put up my service, which only takes me about an hour. (which I will show you how to do).

Over the years doing this business and using this platform to fetch high paying clients making thousands of dollars monthly.

My business partner and I recently discovered a loophole in the system that enables anyone with zero experience, without being a professional web designer to tap into this system and still make thousands of dollars as we do following simple steps.

When I showed a friend of mine this system unknowingly it pulled in over 50k for her in her first try. She had absolutely no web design or programming skills for this job whatsoever.

Payment Proofs

Payment Proofs

When I first got my first Web design job, I thought probably it was luck or just a fluke, but it wasn’t.

I got my first job in 2015, now we are in 2020. Even during this pandemic while people are complaining, others being laid off and a lot of people finding it hard to feed (I say this with 100% humility and compassion for others too), I was still making money from my bedroom.

Take a look at the date, july 2020.

A single client has paid us over N500k already this month and this is the latest payment we just received as at today July 9th of writing this letter to you.

The money just arrived now, so that’s why i decided to show you, as you can see the month is still young and we have received that much from a single client and let’s not even talk about other clients that has paid us already this month and the once that are yet to pay.

We might hit a few millions this month in our Agency, but that’s by the way side.

Due to the demands I was getting, I decided to create an Agency called “Kontentize Business Solutions” which involves some of the best web designers in India, Pakistan, and USA.

And we have lots of Testimonies coming from our American clients.

Another beautiful part is that Whenever a new client from U.S. have doubts about our service (you know Nigeria has a bad record of scam worldwide).

I simply send my portfolio and Testimonials of jobs my agency has done recently and in the past. They call my satisfied clients in the U.S. for confirmation and boom deal closed.

Video Testimonials

Play Video
Play Video

With over 5 years’ experience doing this business as a Web Designer and almost a year running as an agency, I can confidently say we have cracked the code!

What If…)

what if i show you a way you can earn a lot of money from our business?

We show you how you can earn up to ₦117,000 per job without having any prior experience with Web designing by simply letting our team handle the whole process.

With this, do you still think anything would hinder you from making money online?

I don’t think so.

You might think this is too good to be true, but don’t worry, read on for a full understanding on how this system works.



We want to give you the chance to clone our entire business model without doing any of the hard work we do. You can skip the whole skill learning process and all the hurdles that usually hinders Newbies/beginners from making money online, so you can start making money immediately.

It’s that simple!

We will do all the hard work for you, so you don’t get in your own way and mess things up before you start complaining that online business doesn’t work.

Why do we choose to do this

For the first time, we have decided to let few persons into our proven money-making businesss, so they can tap from a proven loophole in our business and still benefit without doing all the hard work.

We noticed that during this Corona Virus Pandemic, so many people had lost their Jobs, many starving, some now homeless and hopeless.

Due to this, we concluded we couldn’t keep quiet, not anymore.

We had no intention of actually releasing this program to the general public, except for a few of our lazy friends who don’t want to do much hard work and yet they are still making money with this program.

We have kept this sacred formula for so long and now we want a few persons to have a taste of this internet money everyone is talking about without actually doing the hard work we do.

This program shows you how to make an extra ₦200k – ₦500k per month within the next 60 days if you can just follow simple instructions.

We have simplified and refined this method that even a 12-year-old or a 67-year-old man can make money with this.

just a look at few testimonials from our obodo-ibo clients we have worked with

This kind of obodo-ibo testimonials doesn’t fall from heaven; we did an excellent job; that’s why our clients are happy to give us testimonials.

Curious about how this system really works?

here is how the whole process works

  • We show you how to create and set up your account on a platform to get clients from U.S. contacting you for jobs (it’s the same place we have been getting our clients from for over 5 years).
  • Immediately a client contacts you, you let us know.
  • We talk to the clients on your behalf, because you don’t know how to design a website, right? Learning it will take years and it’s a lot of work, but you can’t wait for years to start making money, you want to make money now, right? Good.
  • We help you close the deals, sometimes as high as ₦1,000,000 for a single job depending on how technical the job is. You do nothing in this stage (note – not every client who contacts you will do the job, because sometimes they contact multiple designers and we can’t force a client to work with us if they are not interestednor be Yahoo Yahoo we dey do here its real business and not everyone will buy from you).
  • Our team of experts does the job and delivers an excellent quality job to the client, remember you do nothing in this stage.
  • The clients pay for the job.

You get a whopping 20% of the entire payment for a job done without you getting involved in the whole job process.

which involves negotiating on phone and email, drafting a professional proposal, building trust and credibility, our years of experience and satisfied clients testimonials & portfolio.

Remember, our team of experts will do all the hard work for you. From speaking the language, American clients understand to delivering a high-quality job and you get paid for doing literately nothing except setting up your account the way we tell you to.

Once you set your account, it will take you less than 2 hours a week to monitor the entire business. This process is as easy as waiting for a WhatsApp message to enter your phone.

why really are we doing this, you may ask?

There are lots of opportunities out there in the web design industry. Thousands and thousands of clients design websites every month and I can tell you the market is inexhaustible.

Do you know Facebook has over 3billion users? But they still spend money advertising on different platforms like Google and other advertising networks.


There are lots of persons who haven’t heard about Facebook or are not using Facebook at the moment. In fact, those people are beyond the reach of Facebook.

To reach those people, Facebook has to pay other Ad networks like Google, YouTube, and the rest to reach more persons.

It’s the same principle we are using here.

We said to ourselves that instead of us creating and managing a lot of accounts, why don’t we let others create and manage the account we show you how to and we both make money.

It’s a win-win situation here, you help us expand our reach and you make more money.

We have been doing it ourselves over the years, but this time around we are not thinking of money alone, we want to help and add value to people because trust me that’s where true fulfillment comes knowing you helped a person make more money to take care of their burning need.

And for helping us help you, you get a whopping 20% for doing almost nothing except setting up your account, which shouldn’t take up to 2 hours and let us know when a potential client contacts you.

And remember, you just have to set up your account once, so its kinda a set and forget scenario.

Just imagine you get a job of ₦500,000 and you get 20%, that’s a freaking ₦100,000 for knowing nothing about the job process.

The work is very tedious; that’s why the client pays as high as a million at times, it’s not because they have so much money to throw away.

But still, no matter how tedious the work is for us and no matter how expensive the job is, you still get your 20% cut no stories.

I know you are probably speaking in tongues right now, but calm down.

Imagine you get just 5 jobs like that a month paying ₦500,000 each and your cut is 20%. That’s ₦100,000 * 5 = ₦500,000 cash for you for doing almost nothing.

tell me now; what will you do with this kind of money?


  • Will you finally go on that vacation you’ve promised your family after the corona virus pandemic?
  • Will you buy a new car?
  • Will you rent a better apartment?
  • Will you spend more time with your family, because as long as you have your laptop and a smart phone with you, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Listen, whatever you want to do with the money is your choice, knowing our credible team will handle all your client’s projects.

We love what we do, and that’s designing websites and delivering excellent websites for clients, so we get paid big time for it.

All you need to do is simply let us know when a client contacts you, we take it up from there and get your share.

It’s a win-win for you and my expert team!

Your neighbors will even start murmuring that e be like say you don dey do Yahoo Yahoo, because you might not need that your N25,500 teaching job, which is not even enough for you to spend before it comes.

This is the easiest way to make money I know of; you will be privileged to be among the first set of persons to leverage “The N117 Per Sale DFY (Done For You) Program”.

We are not here to teach you anything about how the business works or even sell you a course because only about 2 out of 100 persons actually make money learning what is in a course and we don’t want that to be the case.

If you want to learn web design, then this program is not for you because we don’t teach web design right now.

This is not an online training course but a program which have step-by-step video modules to walk you through the process of setting up your account and that’s all.

Currently, you want to make money fast, not squeezing some overloaded and complicated information into your head right away.

We have gone through the stress of learning the whole process. We just want you to come & chop so you can finally testify that this internet money is real.

We will show you how to make money the fastest way, as e dey hot, no time for teaching; we go straight to the money-making part.

We have different kinds of internet businesses we run and we can tell you that this is the easiest of them all.

You can decide to learn a skill later, which I highly suggest. But here is the truth; it takes time to learn how to design a website and a lot of time to design a professional one.

In fact, no client will pay you $250 and more for a crappy website designed through trial by error.

Americans are very smart and intelligent people. They know exactly what they want, and will only hire a professional who understands their field and speaks their language.

This is also one of the main reasons I stopped offering writing services to clients. My English and grammar construction was poor, which resulted in negative reviews from dissatisfied clients; I don’t want this to happen to you. 

This is why we setup up this Partnership program to enable you to earn up to N100k per job so you can focus on doing what you love to do best and our experts get the whole job done.

It’s important you have at least a stream of income that fetches you money every month instead of being broke trying to develop a skill that won’t pay your bills immediately (simply because you are learning a skill doesn’t mean the world will stand still right?).

You see, we have been in this game for years; another thing you need to know is that – it will take you quite some time to study the market, understand it and learn how to speak their language and learn to close big deals as we do.

Why not let us do what we know how to do best, watch us close the deal, get the job done, and get your share?

You know one thing eh, month go end you go still pay bills, rent dey there, family issues nah constant whether you work or not, so you have to be smart!

We want just 25 persons to get access to this never before seen or heard opportunity.

who is this opportunity for?

  • This is for you if you have a job and just need something that can fetch you money without taking you so much time.
  • This is for you if you are a student looking for a way to earn online without it obstructing your academics and taking all of your time (only God knows when the so called school will be back sef).
  • This is for you if you are broke and looking for a way to earn money online.
  • This is for you if you don’t have any skill, product or service to offer in the market place, but you still want to make money online.
  • This is also for you if you are a stay-at-home mom looking for an easy way to make money to support your husband.

This system is so easy; once you set your account up, it will take you barely 2 hours a week to manage the whole business.

I know you are shouting it’s a lie, scam and blah blah blah right now.

But don’t forget that we are the one’s spending all the time you ought to spend talking to the client and getting the job done, so you can focus on your family and maybe learn a new skill.

it took us a lot of time to fulfill this whole process

It takes us days at times weeks before we close a deal and get the client to pay.

What about building the website?

You are a smart person and you should know that it takes days to weeks to build a website from scratch even if you have no experience on how it’s done, sometimes we even have sleepless nights just to meet the client’s deadline.

Building a website is not an easy task; it takes a lot of time, that’s why we decided to chest the burden, so you don’t have to learn how the whole process works.

Take it from an expert like me, it’s very stressful.

And don’t forget we pay our team of web designers heavily for getting the whole job done (our team of experts are not Nigerians, so we pay them really well).

Then we have a separate team of deal closers who actually get’s on the phone and discuss with the client to win the client’s heart and guess what! We pay them a lot of money too (our team of closers are not Nigerians too).

who is this system not for?

  • If you don’t have access to a Laptop or computer, sorry this is not for you because this system requires you to have access to a computer.
  • This is not for you if you don’t have a smartphone.
  • This is not for you if you can’t afford to leave your data on 247, because this business requires you to be online always. Clients love chatting with people online, you always have to be online also so you we can reply them immediately before someone else steals our client.
  • And this not for you; if you are not willing to follow simple instructions, we tell you exactly what to do and we expect you to follow it step by step. We have been doing this for close to 5 years, so we know what works.

So now that is out of the way.

How can i get access to this Program?

Well, as I said before, we are partnering with just 25 serious persons and allowing them to make money online from the place of rest.

We want only 25 persons because our team of professionals can only handle a certain amount of jobs per month. Remember we have to deliver an excellent job otherwise what happened in 1960 will repeat itself.

Secondly, we need the most committed of the committed to get access to this program.

It’s not for everyone who wants to make money, it’s for people who are hungry and willing to do anything as long as it’s legit to make money.

Those are the kind of people we want to work with, so if you know you aren’t going to do anything if you get access to the program, kindly leave the page now so other serious persons can have access to it, we don’t want a crowd.

This program is a subscription-based program, that’s to say you pay a particular fee every month to continue being a member and make money.

 That fee is N50,000 per month flat.

Yesssss… and trust me, it is a steal to get it at this price because heck we show you how to make at least ₦200,000 per month, so giving us just ₦50,000 wouldn’t be much of a problem right.


But today I want to make you a crazy deal and you can only get access to this deal right now, it’s a fast guy deal.

My business partner and I had to argue before he agreed to let me do this, I can’t even imagine I’m doing this right now.

If you pay a one-time fee of just ₦50,000  ₦20,500 only, you will get lifetime membership access to “The ₦117,000 Per Sale DFY (Done For You) Program”, which means you won’t pay a single dime ever again, so any money you make you keep all.

My partner called me crazy for doing this, but I just want to help the motivated who wants to get access to this program.

And owww, it’s only available for the first 7 persons to get in, so after the 7th person gets access, it goes to N20,000 per month. Once the 25th person gets in it then goes to its original price at N50,000 per month.

And this will be available after we have expanded our team to start taking more clients that we can handle.

So it’s all about speed.

And the best part is, that’s not even all you get today.



This bonus is about speed.

For the first website design job deal we help you seal, you will get a whopping 30% of the entire money the client pays instead of the initial 20% you receive.

So if you get a job worth ₦500,000, you cut will be ₦100,000 if its 20% commission, right?

But with this bonus we pay you 30%, so you get ₦150,000 instead of ₦100,000. That’s an extra commission in your pocket, so with your first job, you can recover your initial investment and make a lot more.

It’s just our way of appreciating you for taking action.

Then to make it sweeter again, for your second job, you get 25% of the commission; with this, you are already benefiting so much more.

Any other job after the 1st and 2nd, it then goes back to the original 20%.

Because giving you more than 20% will cost us more and we have to chest the inconvenience ourselves and we still have to pay our team their complete money no matter what.

You can take this as a little bribe from us!

As I said, is all about speed, so this bonus is available for just the first 5 persons who place their order today and after the 5th person you won’t see this bonus in the page anymore.

if you are seeing it right now it means there is a spot for you, so act fast because if you refresh this page or go and come later you might not see it again.

This bonus alone is worth at least ₦75,000, but it’s free for the first 5 persons.

Will you be among the lucky 5? Who knows!


You get access to a private underground Whatsapp group where you will see like-minded people who want to achieve the same result as you and you can get motivated when you see people share results of their success.

And if you have any questions, you will get your question answered by us, so it’s like we are personally coaching you to success.

This bonus is worth ₦100,000 but free if you take action right now.


You get a 22 Minutes Mentorship Call with us.

You can ask us questions, ask for advice, or talk about anything about internet business.

This bonus is worth ₦36,500

But when you place your order today, you get lifetime membership access plus the bonuses worth N210,500 for just a one-time payment of ₦20,500 only.

I feel very bad putting the price tag at just a one-time payment, but well, it is what it is.

You can either take advantage of this or wait till it’s a monthly subscription program, which will still be worth it.

But that extra ₦20,000 or ₦50,000 every month would be enough to buy a bag of rice or fuel your generator every month.

I would be really happy if you wait till it’s a subscription program before you get in because we get to make more money, which we absolutely deserve.

How To Successfully Place Your Order

Once you click the button below, you will be taken to a Paystack secure page where you will be asked to put in your “Name”, Phone number” and “Email address” once you fill the form click the “Pay Now”.

You will then be taken to a page where you can successfully make your payment and you have 3 options available to choose from.

  • Debit Card – once you choose this option you can easily put in your card details and you will be charged for the program and get access to the program immediately.
  • Transfer – If you choose this option you will be be provided a Zenith bank account number, with this option you have to make payment within 30 minutes or else the account number becomes invalid. once you make the transfer to the account number you will see a place in the paystack page where you will be asked to verify, once you click click the verify button it will show successful and you will be taken to the page where you get access to the program.
  • Bank deposit – With this option, you simply choose the bank you make use of and you will be given a “USSD code”, once you use it to make the payment, you will be asked to verify the same way and that’s all.

You might be thinking we are selling you a product or want to just take your hard earned money, but what we are giving you is hope.

We are giving you a better life, we are offering you the opportunity to be able to leave life at your own terms instead of living life on someone else’s terms.

You deserve to be happy and make your own decisions.

Growing up your parents had to make decisions for you, then you went to school where your teachers and lecturers had to also make decisions for you.

Now you are grown and mature yet your Boss is still making decisions for you.

Most people go through life without ever having to make decisions for themselves and i surely don’t want that for you.

You deserve to make your own decisions.

You deserve to chose your own working hours.

You deserve to take an off and go on a vacation whenever you so please without taking permission from anybody and i honestly want that for you.

You might decide to leave this page right now and not jump on this opportunity to become a member of this program and that’s totally okay by me.

But before you do that, think!

Think about you Mum that has been struggling for you before you became a Man/woman of your own.

Remember how she gave up on her dreams just to fulfill yours, scrapping by on how to pay your fees when you were younger.

Having sleepless nights on how she can get money the next day to get food for you to eat before you leave for school and make you happy at the expense of her own dreams, don’t you think is time to fulfill her dream?

Or your beautiful spouse who you have promised the Heavens and the Earth already.

Looking for ways to support Him/her so you both can have a better life.

Think of your beautiful children both Unborn and born.

Do you desire them to struggle and suffer the same way you we’re raised?

You might come from a rich home and that’s really awesome if that’s your case, but most of us didn’t.

There is a popular saying; If you didn’t come from a Rich family, Let a Rich family come out of you.

Growing up and seeing the way my parents struggled just to take care of us in their own little way, i vowed to myself that i had to take them out of suffering and the only way i could do that was to become financially free.

I was so tired of the struggles and the thought of taking care of my parents and my own family kept me motivated even the days i felt like giving up.

So i understand what you are going through right now, especially during this trying times.

But i say to you; Even if you don’t want to make money and become financially free for yourself or even though you are okay with your current state.

i want you to think of your family.

Are they all doing alright?

Are your parents living okay?

Remember they don’t have forever on this Earth, so whatever you need to do you have to be fast.

You won’t be able to leave with the regret of not taking care of your family the way you ought to, that hurt will hurt you all through your life and i don’t want that for you.

What about your wife, siblings and some key member’s of your family.

Are you happy with their current financial state?

If you are, its cool.

But if you’re not then i suggest you find another way out, because your family has been there even when close friends turned their backs on you.

I knew how hard it took me to get to the point i am right now!

I had no one to advice me, no one to motivate me and i didn’t have a life changing opportunity like the one in front of you right now.

So i don’t want same for you.

This is the reason  we created this program as easy and less stressful as possible so you can start seeing results fast.

This opportunity was created because i knew how it felt to be broke and not able to do what i needed to do because of money, i have been there and i don’t want anyone to feel what i felt.

I don’t even wish for my enemies to go through what i went through, not everything i can share with you.

Opportunities doesn’t come very often in life, but when it shows up you need to be able to seize it and run with it immediately because it doesn’t last.

frequently asked questions

  1. We pay Facebook a lot of money to show you this opportunity: We don’t run a charity organization here, because we want to help people doesn’t mean we have to go broke ourselves.  so the money you pay is used to cover the cost we pay Facebook for showing this opportunity to you, the cost we pay to send you emails and the cost we used to build this website you currently viewing right now, we paid for it.

So if you look at it, we aren’t even making money upfront. we also pay every month to host the website where all the video training modules are hosted, which is the more reason we should make the program a monthly subscription program.

But well, it’s yours today for a one-time payment of just ₦20,500 only, so instead of you asking so much question, place your order now before you are left out. Or you go back to your old life praying to God for opportunity and you are looking at one in front of you now.

  1. We want to filter out the persons who won’t make use of the system anyways: We know if we made it free, everyone will want to get into it and won’t still make money with it, why? Because they didn’t invest any money in it, so if they just meet a small challenge, they will say it doesn’t work.

We don’t want people like that and we can’t handle everyone in the world, so that’s why we can only work with 25 persons first, then later when we expand our team we can think about letting more persons in at a far higher price of course.

Also, if you pay for a product, you will want to get value out of it, but if you are giving for free, you procrastinate and postpone, then you never use it.

So we are actually doing you a favor by putting a price tag on it, but I just think the price tag is really small.

If you can’t bet on yourself, then why should I be the one to bet on you? 

Also, Facebook did not let us show you this opportunity for free and pay when we start making sales, so I ask again, why should I?

A very good question.

If you can follow our instruction exactly as we tell you, you should be able to make anywhere from ₦100,000 – ₦1,000,000 in the next 90 days.

We will try our best to make sure you hit these numbers because when you make money, we also make money, it’s a win-win for both parties, so there is no selfishness or greed.

But it also depends on you; if you don’t create your account and do the little work you ought to do, then you won’t make money, it’s as simple as that.

Yes, there is a conditional money-back guarantee!

We noticed people who look for this before they buy a product rarely makes money from it because imagine already looking for a way out when you haven’t gotten in.

Looking for an exit door already?

We need people who are ready to jump all in without testing how deep the water depth is because they are the ones who make money.

Business is all about risk, so if you aren’t willing to take risk, then you shouldn’t go into business in the first place, just focus on your N25,000 job.

But if you have the right mentality & mindset and you actually followed everything we tell you and you don’t makeup to 100k following what we tell you within the next 90 days, then you can ask for a refund and we will send back your money, plus an extra change on top, with an apology letter for wasting your precious time.

Well, I don’t believe that’s true!

You spend more than ₦20k for things that doesn’t make sense.

You will buy expensive clothes, shoes, makeups and things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like.

Many people spend money on things that doesn’t add value to their lives or increase their finances, but when it comes to investing in what can make them money, they make excuses.

You can never make excuses and make money at the same time; you can only do one.

Do you want to make excuses or

Do you want to make money?

My guess is as good as yours – you want to make money!

Since you have read to this point, it means you want to change your life, so you can either invest now and enjoy the benefits that follow, or you can decide to spend that money on Gucci bag and remain broke.

It’s your choice.


  • The “N117,000 Per Sale DFY (Done For You) program” worth ₦50,000 per month
  • BONUS #130% commission instead of 20% on your first job and 25% on the second job worth ₦75,000.
  • BONUS #2 – our underground private Facebook group for accountability worth over ₦100,000 for lifetime access.
  • BONUS #3- Free 15 minutes ask me anything consultation call worth ₦36,500

₦211,500 total value, all yours to steal today for a one-time payment of ₦20,500 only.

Click the button below to become a member today.


If you are still reading to this point then i have a little Riddle for you.

There where 3 cats on a fence and one of them decided to jump. So tell me, how many cats are remaining on the fence?

I know you will say there are 2 cats remaining, but like i said its a riddle.

The answer is 3. yes 3 cats are still on the fence, because the cat decided to jump off the fence doesn’t mean it actually did jump off.

There is a difference between “Decision” and “Action“.

While you are waiting and postponing your payment for “The N117,000 Per Sale DFY (Done For You) Program” the price increases to 20,000 per month after the first 7 persons get in, it will then increase to 50,ooo per month and it will still be worth it.

But even though it will be worth it, it’s always better you get in at the launch price so you can use that extra  money every month for something else, because with this program you are sure to make money.

You know what to do if you want to be amongst the first 7 persons who pays just ₦20,500 one time payment and enjoys all the bonuses.

Have a nice day.


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