25.7 million naira in what... 60 days?

WTF! Yes oh…we are talking about 25.7 Million Naira Cash Money!

If you think this is a hype or scam, just hold on we are doing a celebration for him online today by 8pm and guess what, he will be showing us LIVE how he did it.


Before that let me tell you tell you how everything started.


My Boss, Mr. Ronald told us in January that he has found a network marketing business that pays people over 25 million Naira and some people cashed out in 24months investing 295,930…. And everyone was like NETWORK MARKETING? Not again…!

Network marketing that use to scam people and he told us this one is different because this company doesn’t operate with that DEMONIC BINARY system many other network marketing companies are using. And as if that is not enough, he showed us 12 ways to earn from this company.

Well I didn’t doubt because I have followed his track record of success for nearly 12years So all I needed to do was to listen to this new business model and strategy because me too need money…lol

In fact, he even unplugged a loop-hole he saw in that business that anyone can use to cash out nothing in 12 months or less and we shouted Eureka (if you don’t know what Eureka means, my dear you’re not a science student)!

While we were still puzzled with his amazing findings and strategies, today he blew our minds away as he has finally achieved the Manager’s Rank which made him 25.7 Million Naira in barely 60days after starting this business.

And Guess what?

He used the same Unique KAIROS SYSTEM and strategies he showed us in January amazingly some of us are already half way to that rank!

I know you’re still in doubt maybe in shock that this can happen in Buhari’s time, I know that kind of feeling where every opportunity that is bigger than your mind is a scam. I totally understand how this TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE opportunity is but you can’t change facts.

So let’s be honest here, if you are still reading this information, I can say without any doubt that you have never made 25 million naira in your life in 365days once in your life, and if that’s true..

I already can predict your future…

Yes I can…

You’re not going to make #25.7 Million in 60days, yes even if you fast and pray from now till tomorrow (I be witch you may think) the reason is because…

  1. You have never made 25 million in 2 months or even a year so are 25 million naira broke and have been so broke for a long time so you can’t see big opportunities like this as possible.
  2. Every opportunity like this is a scam to you and I totally get it you have been scammed before or you’ve heard too many stories of people who have had bad experiences.
  3. You don’t want to work but you want to make money, so you’re looking for free money or easy business that you don’t need to work to earn money (but it doesn’t exist).
  4. In your mind you can’t risk 295,930 as an investment in a business that will give you 25 million naira (but you still want the money).
  5. You don’t want to learn how the system works to make this money, and your excuse, is you don’t have the time to learn but you would rather be on twitter and facebook, Instagram liking and commenting posting, liking admiring rich celebrities online and wishing life was easy.

But you know what is hard?

Being broke is hard, making money is hard also, both are hard but you have to choose which of the hard you want.

Are you going to continue with being Broke Hard or Join others who are WORKING HARD to make 25.7 million naira?

If you choose working hard which means you want to learn and take the risks involved in making 25 million in a year then I will like to invite you to join our Live team Call tonight by 8pm plus an online training on how Mr Ronald was able to cash out in 60 days.

Here is what you need to do, copy my number +2348163907202 and save it with Bliss Oharisi (yes that’s my name) and chat me WhatsApp

Tell me your name, your location and I will send you the link to join the training The training is FREE (but you will invest once you learn the secrets).

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