Pay Attention To This Message If An Extra (₦50,000 – ₦200,000) Per Week Will Do You Any Good.

My Super Easy 3 Step Formula For Predictably Making 50,000200,000 Every Week Selling Free PLR E-books You Didn’t Write And keeping 100% of the profit.

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I have 3 important questions for you.

Have you ever thought generating predictable income online wasn’t meant for you?

maybe you even think generating income online is some kind of a mirage, like a superhuman impossible thing to do?

or you might have even tried several times and now you have concluded this online thing doesn’t work?

Well i came to tell you today take it or leave it.

It does work and a few smart guys are silently making serious money engaging in this business model.

But the issue is most of them aren’t willing to teach and i have said to myself not anymore.

Due to what’s happening in the world i have agreed for the first time for any serious person to literally eat my brain.

Warning – You get to see this page once and once alone.

So pay attention and focus because I am going to show you what I believe to be the surest way to start earning as much as ₦50,000 – ₦200,000 per week.

I am 100% sure this will work for you if you take it seriously the way i did.

I used to work at a school back then where i was been paid just ₦5,000 per month and after 2 months they increased it to ₦6,500 which they never paid me once.

Just think for a moment, how would someone survive earning merely ₦5000 per month in this Nigeria where things increases by the day and dem still owe join.

Life Was Extremely Difficult.

Normally I’m not from a wealthy home, as a matter of fact we have been kicked out from more than 5 different apartment because we couldn’t afford rent.

The truth is the only thing we could boast of was that we didn’t lack food, we weren’t that broke.

It got to a time when we were staying in an uncompleted building with nothing except the structure and roof.

No doors, no cabinet, no bathroom, no windows, no nothing.

There was also a time we had to move into a government abandoned house which we later renovated with time.

The struggle was just too much growing up, i remember how we where driven from school several times because we couldn’t afford the fees, it was a very embarrassing state that i wouldn’t let any of my child go through ever.

Our names where always mentioned in the list whenever they’re sending people home, i personally don’t even wait for them to call my name before i start walking outside.

I failed Waec twice, i failed Neco Gce and it made me extra depressed because i was seeing my closest friends all leaving me for school right in my eyes.

It was like everything was just going bad for me, like nothing was working out and it made me think probably Village people don finally hold me down or probably being Rich & financially free wasn’t for people like me.

I know probably you might have felt like that too seeing nothing working out, it’s like anything you touch turns to dust instead of gold.

You feel like you are not been paid what you are truly worth after acquiring all the certificates in the world.

Corona virus making it worse now, people have been stripped off their work duties in various companies, salaries are been slashed like no tomorrow and yet you have no choice than to stay at the job because you don’t know where another one will come from.

Things aren’t just going as it should.

But I’m here to tell you that, you are not alone.

I have been their too.

I don’t know how worse your situation is, probably you might have had worse experiences than mine or maybe i have had worse experiences than you.

but trust me it doesn’t matter because this business model I’m about to share with you will end your money worries if you take it seriously like i did.

It took me a lot to figure out this opportunity, i mean a lot.

After i left my ₦5,000 job i decided i wasn’t going to work for anyone again because they didn’t know my value and as i grew more mature i realized that nobody will ever pay you what you are worth.

Its impossible, so all this prompted me to build my own empire even though i didn’t know where to start.

I wanted to start some physical businesses, i had a couple of ideas like; starting a trash business, Barbing salon business.

but the thing was that i needed lots of capital and i didn’t have anyone who would want to help me out.

I tried venturing into different online businesses also, but they all required huge investment which i certainly didn’t have and they required some pro skills i also didn’t have.

On This faithful day

I was scrolling on my Facebook feed as usual when i saw an advert talking about this business model and it wasn’t even as easy as i have fine tuned it now, i still had a lot of work to do, but i jumped on it.

i paid the money for the course, it was about ₦50,000 or ₦60,000 then, can’t really remember.

I was able to raise that money because i was also a dancer, i won one Access-bank dance competition that period and prize was 100k.

I was skeptical to invest at first but i knew if i don’t at least try something new or take risk then the money i had will still disappear and i won’t even be able to give account of it.

So i said to myself, every rich person at a time had to sacrifice and take risk and i knew i wanted to be rich so i had to do what the rich folks did.

I took the risk and invested.

Once i invested, it took me about a month to set it up because i was a total newbie , but i was willing to make it work because i knew there was no turning back.

Immediately i started promoting the small report i wrote about “Relocating to Canada without an agent“, i sold 113 copies the first month using Facebook ads and i was selling the report for ₦5,000, so you can do the math.

That’s ₦565,000 cash i made in my first try.

Once i saw the figures for my first month into the business i knew i had just hit a gold mine, since then i have been ruling out more small reports on different issues i knew needed solution and they have been doing extremely well selling 100s of copies every single month.

So you must be thinking by now, whats this business model all about.

Information Marketing.

Information marketing is a business model where you create digital products solving a particular need/problem and you offer it as a solution through various medium like; E books, Reports, Courses, Audio training and the rest.

I don’t know if you have heard about selling information based products before or what you think about it.

But here is the truth.

Selling information products is an income generator that is not going to slow down anytime soon.


The world is going to continue to get complex and people are going to need help figuring out a lot of things they don’t know.

And the good part is schools can’t keep up.

So, the demand for helpful information that solves a pressing problem keeps rising which creates a huge opportunity for you and I.

Here is what I am trying to say:

  • What university course can teach you how to sell on Instagram?
  • What about how to get you ex back?
  • What about how to handle a cheating spouse?
  • What about how to lose weight and get that bikini body you are proud of?
  • What about how to successfully migrate and work in Canada without spending a dime on Agent?
  • Or what about how to improve fertility as a man or woman?

These are just 6 out of thousands of information topics that sell like crazy on the internet.

So tell me, when you take a look at those 6 headlines, don’t they look like what people will do anything to find a solution for?

Hell yeah, so what we do is just put the information at their faces with Facebook ads.

With Facebook ads you can target the exact people who needs what you are selling.

Selling information online is what my mentor calls – The lazy man’s way to riches and that is because if done well, you can have only ₦5,500 in your bank account right now, no business, no employee, no house of your own.

But with just a simple information product and a good way to market it, that ₦5,500 could easily become ₦100,000 within 10 days.

I can’t even say how much money I have made online selling information products because you might find it hard to believe so i rather keep it to myself, I’m not here to prove how awesome i am.

I’m here to help you make money, simple.

The Information You Sell Doesn’t Even Have to Be From Your Personal Experience.

My mentor one time talked about in 2009 how he bought a report with resale rights to it for ₦7500.

he ran an advert for the report for just ₦6500 out of his ₦53,000 bank balance that he had.

The day the advert went live, he was in a bus on his way to Lagos with a friend when the alerts started coming in so fast.

They had to change the ₦5000 per night hotel they planned to book before to a better hotel
and instead of staying for 2 nights, they stayed for 5 nights.

Another good thing about selling information products (apart from the money) is the good feeling that you get from adding value to people’s lives.

There was a time i was selling a report for 2 second men, you know what i mean, i sold 100s of copies, i made money and the people who bought it where happy their condition was solved, one of them even emailed me to send my account details and he wired in 20k for me.

If you are a woman you should know how it feels if your husband cannot perform well and if you are a man you know how it feels.

So imagine going online and learning how to solve this issues and you package it in a small 10 – 20 page PDF file and sell for 5k, imagine the money you will make.

Despite the fact that selling information is a huge money maker, the truth is that not all types of information will make you money.

You can’t sell a report on “The complexities of the human body” probably because you studied Anatomy then you think it will sell. nobody wants that who cares.

As a business person you should be able to spot a need and make money off it, you don’t have to be interested in that product.

My mentor Hon. Akin Alabi the author of “Small Business, Big Money” that’s an awesome book you need to read by the way.

He said when he started Naira-bet it wasn’t like he bets or had interest, he just went abroad and saw a need, then he created the company and he is making a lot of money now.

Here Is The 3 Step Process For Making This Business Work.

Step #1. Create – You create your short report on a particular issue that needs solution, keep reading i will show you how to get reports like this already done for you.

Step #2. Build your sales funnel – Sales funnel simply means the process a customer passes through before they buy your product. All you need is two simple website pages that won’t take you time to build because i will give you the exact tool i use to make the whole thing easy.

Step #3. Sell – this is where you use Facebook ads to sell your product, so you simply go into Facebook, set up an advert and Facebook starts feeding your websites with buyers and i’ll show you all this process.

I have good news for you.

I have made this business even better and simpler than ever before.

After creating and writing many reports which some time takes a lot of time to achieve this, trust me it can take weeks to get started at times and that’s if you don’t get discouraged along the way.

i had to always do a lot of research for the report i was going to create because i can’t just put a report out there that promises something and fails on the promise.

Like when i wrote a report about 2 sec men, i had to do lots of research because i haven’t had that issues before so it took a lot of time.

Recently i was able to find a Loophole on how to get these valuable reports for free, i mean zero money and you still have the rights to sell them and keep all the profits.


How To Create A Side Business That Can Add an Extra 6 Figure Per Week Selling PLR Reports Using Just Your Laptop And An Internet Connection.

78% OFF The Launch Price Today Only!

This course consist of a report i wrote myself and step by step videos showing you how to start and grow your information business selling Plr( Private Label Rights) reports/eBooks.

Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll learn.

  • I will show you how i now get my reports for free and sell for ₦3,500 – ₦10,000 depending on how big the issue is.
  • How to discover evergreen money making niches that you can create or find a report on that will always make you money.
  • My 23 favorite niches to create a product on, just choose one and don’t stress yourself.
  • How to take advantages of trends and opportunities that you can easily find a report on and sell so you can cash in big.
  • My 3 favorite go to website where i get quality reports for free, i don’t usually create reports myself no more.
  • how i craft my website sales letter that make people hungry and beg me to buy what i’m selling.
  • How to automate your business with email marketing so that you can spend less time managing the whole business.
  • How to create your report by yourself fast.
  • How to set up a Facebook business manager to run ads.
  • How to target buyers on Facebook, this one is a no brainier.
  • How to use audience insights to make sure you are targeting the right people who wants what you are selling.
  • how to write adverts that brings in cheap clicks on Facebook.
  • How to use the right images of Facebook and where to find them.
  • you will learn the reason why many people find it hard to sell their products on Facebook, this will shock you.
  • The one audience you should never target on Facebook unless of course you want to dash them your small money.
  • and much more…

What you will learn in this course is just mind -blowing and it’s going to make you money, simple!

I will show you how to sell at least 2 copies everyday, i sell a lot a day but as a newbie like you i won’t tell you that you will start earning like me overnight.

Lets say you sell 2 copies a day of your PLR (Private Label Rights) report you didn’t make yourself for ₦5,000 a piece using Facebook ads to sell them, that’s already ₦10,000 per day which look very doable because you will also learn how to target people that are likely to buy your products on Facebook.

₦10,000 x 7 is a sweet ₦70,000 a week and that’s just for a start.
You can see why making an extra ₦50,000 – ₦200,000 a week is not something impossible.

Then when you see one report is giving you much success you can start selling more and more…

And scale you business to a 7 figure income generator.

The worth of this course alone is worth over N200,000 easily, because imagine me teaching you how to make up-to ₦50,000 – ₦200,000 per week. Even school you pay millions to doesn’t teach you this.

So if i charge you just a one payment of that it would be worth it because what you learn her is what will make you money in the real world we are today.

even Covid-19 won’t affect your business.

But you won’t even pay anything close to ₦30,000 today which is the official price i plan to sell this course.

₦12,500 is the exact price i plan to launch this course next week before i initially take it to ₦30,000 because that’s what is close to its real worth.

But i decided in my heart, i felt pity for some persons who are going through a lot during this Corona virus pandemic and i decided i will crash the price of this course by almost 80% of the initial launch priced so that any serious person can afford it.

All you need to get access to this course today is just N12,500 ₦3,000 only and enjoy the pre-launch Covid-19 sale.

And that’s not even all you get today.

Bonus #1

You will get a step by step video showing you how to purchase your domain name and hosting for your website so you can automate the whole process, you will see a secret place where you can get a hosting plan for just ₦450 per month and where to get a domain free of charge.

To get a domain and hosting usually cost over ₦20,000 per year with some companies.

This bonus a lone is worth ₦5,000 but free for you today.

Bonus #2

This one is huge!
I will give you my website builder called Instabuilder i got for $97 for free, its the same one i use in building most of my website pages quickly.

It’s usually sold for $97 (about ₦40,000 now) but i will give you for free if you take action today.

If you doubt me just go to the Instabuilder official website and see for yourself.

This bonus is obviously worth ₦40,000, but free for you if you take action today.

Bonus #3

You will get a step by step video on how to quickly set up your website by yourself using the instabuilder tool i will give you for free.

You will learn how to create your Optin/squeeze page to collect peoples emails address so you can follow them up in case they didn’t buy immediately and also you will learn how to create your salespage for the product you are selling that makes people beg to buy what you’re offering.

We go in-dept in the course.

This bonus is worth ₦10,000.

Bonus #4

You will get a report on how to understand email marketing in an in dept way.

You will learn how to follow up with your subscribers so you can make more money.

This report is worth ₦5,000 but free for you today.

Bonus #5

You will get over 50 optin page ideas so you have something you can model for you own business.

I know it’s hard to create a headline and design from scratch so you will have access to over 50 different templates.

This bonus is worth ₦3,500

Bonus #6

You will get 30,000 stock photos that you can use to run you ads, so whenever you are looking for an image to run your ads just check and pick anyone.

This bonus is priceless.
As you can see here, I’m giving you all you need to succeed.

The total worth of course & its bonuses is ₦113,500 if you add up the price worth.

But like i said you are not going to pay anything close to that or anything close to ₦30,000.

₦12,500 is the exact price i plan to launch this course next week before i initially take it to ₦30,000 because that what is close to its real worth.

But i decided in my heart, i felt pity for some persons who are going through a lot during this Corona virus pandemic and i decided i will crash the price of this course by almost 90% of the initial launch priced so that any serious person can afford it.

All you need to get access to this course today is just N12,500 ₦3,000 only and enjoy the pre-launch Covid-19 sale.

As you can see i didn’t ask for you email address or your contact information, so if you miss this offer then you would never see it again so you need to act now or never because this is a one time offer.

78% OFF The Launch Price Today Only!

I just want you to imagine what an extra ₦50,000₦200,000 every week will do for you

  • Will you go on that your dream vacation.
  • Will you be able to pay that rent you have been owing for a while now.
  • will you be able to move into that new Apartment you have been eyeing in Lekki.
  • Will you be able to pay your children school fees and give them all the good things of life.
  • Will you be able to buy that new car you’ve been checking Jiji every now and then for.

You know what you will do with that money.

An extra ₦50k – ₦200k might not mean much for a lot of persons, but i know it means a lot to you.

making ₦200,000 per week is ₦800,000 per month and friggin ₦9,600,000 per year

Can you see this or lets say you just make only ₦50,000 per week, that’s ₦200,000 per month and an extra ₦2,400,000 per month.

Lets break it to daily target.

If you want make ₦50,000 per week all you need to make a day is about ₦7,000 only and lets just say you are selling you report for ₦3500.

All you need is just 2 sales per day, i wanted to break it down so you see it’s not one impossible thing to do, all you need is just two sales per day.

If you think paying ₦3,000 for an information that can make you up-to ₦50,000 a week is too much then this is definitely not for you.

Go back to what you where doing and hope for another opportunity to come or you can be smart enough to join for the pre-launch sale of just ₦3,000.

I don’t even know what that 3,000 you so cherish can buy you in this economy, but well what do i even know.

Your order is protected by a 90 days money back guarantee.

If you take action and you follow each step in the course and you don’t get value worth far more of what you paid for, then you will get a full refund of your investment.

And we will apologize greatly for wasting your precious time.

So as you can see you have nothing to lose, but all to get.

So you can try this program for a full 3 months and if you decide you don’t like it and maybe you don’t make money with it which is almost impossible unless you are too lazy to implement then ask for a refund.

There is no excuse anymore for you not to take action.

Just send a mail to and you will get your refund back no stories.

Here is all you are getting for ₦3,000 today.


  • The Plr report blueprint Worth ₦50,000.
  • Bonus #1 – Domain & Hosting video worth ₦5,000.
  • Bonus #2 – Instabuilder tool worth ₦40,000.
  • Bonus #3 – Step by step video on how to design your website with this tool worth ₦10,000
  • Bonus #4 – 30,000 stock photos worth is priceless.
  • Bonus #5 – over 50 templates for ideas worth ₦3500.
  • Bonus #6 – Email marketing guide worth ₦5000

The total worth is ₦113,500 all yours today at ₦3,000 only.

78% OFF The Launch Price Today Only!

If you like make this one pass you by, e go pain ehh because you won’t see this offer again.

Remember you see this page just once.

Have a nice day.
Yours Truly,
Muero Adia.

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